Wednesday, August 18, 2010

still bored

15 minutes left..yehaw! I just want to go home and lay down because I am randomly dizzy and nauseous now. No, I haven't eaten any eggs lately..I read MSN too, peeps.

I also updated my sister-blog over at in case you feel like being a voyeur and checking out my random email chains with my bestie in South Carolina..we keep in touch via email all day long and often end up cracking each other is an email chain so you have to start at the bottom, just a little hint for people who don't understand that sort of thing, random poster who "didn't get it".

Yeah..this is pretty freaking random too, huh..okay straight into more random facts about me..

I am an excellent test taker, unless you deny me a calculator.
I like to keep odd squishy light up toys at my desk so I can amuse myself by attempting to juggle.
I secretly say lines from Goodnight Moon to myself at bedtime still.
I still sleep with stuffed animals that I have had since birth..they are scraps of cloth at this point.
I make the sign of the cross when I drive by roadkill. (someone needs to bless the poor little animals!)
I am pretty sure catholic guilt gave me OCD.
I am going to keep doing this until it is time to leave.
I think I love having house guests but then I can't wait to get my house back..seriously..I need time to wander around in my house make-up free in my glasses, people!
I am POSITIVE that my dog is smarter than everyone else's dogs.
(Dude, he is a genius, and so intuitive!)(shut was a joke, kinda)
My friends become more like family the longer that put up with my crazy..LOVE YOU SHENANIGANS!!!
My life goal is to take Jon Bon Jovi's pants off with my teeth.
I am also positive if I ever meet him for real the only sound he will hear from me is my body hitting the floor when I pass out.
I seriously want to be pregnant, but I am terrified of being in charge of another person's tiny life.
I love whicker chairs.
I love the chairs outside of Cracker Barrels and so badly want to own one, but they are ridiculously expensive.

okay...that ought to do it..time to record my voicemail and get on with VACATION! YAY!

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