Thursday, July 29, 2010

tomorrow is the DAY, Bitches!

I just have to get through today at work and I get to go home and pack for Chicago. I am going to visit the "other man" and I just can't wait to see him. (wink wink, nudge nudge) I mean, seriously ladies..who dosen't want to lick him?
Now for the big question, what do I pack? I am a cronic over packer..and you should see the shoes I have ready for the trip. This could get difficult. I am there for 2 nights so really that means I need to preselect at least 4 outfits based on what I project my mood to be while I am there..2 going out outfits and two wandering the city eating and shopping outfits..not to mention you KNOW I will buy something that I can't wait to wear while I am there..this is oh so tricky.
(Awesome, now I have "Tricky" stuck in my head. Great.)
Argh! I am going to forget something I need, I just know you think Jon will let me borrow a toothbrush? ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

so sleepy

I have no clue what my issue is, I am so fricking tired and grumpy today that I think someone is pushing my self-destruct button. I have the worst allergies right now (hello Illinois summer) and the stupid nighttime sudafed is clearly killing me 12 HOURS LATER..WTF?!?!?!? Isn't this stuff supposed to wear off so you can proceed with your life as planned?? I could fall asleep right now, I think it gave me narcolepsy. This ought to be fun..
Pleasepleasepleaseplease be done by friday, I can't be sick for my Chicago weekend!

Monday, July 26, 2010



oh my god....I am going to crap in my hand and throw it at her in 2.3 seconds....

Does anyone know of a company hiring in St. Louis that offers a pension and benefits..I have got to get out of here!!!!!

This is not directed at you, dear reader, but I must get something off of my chest


Okay...I feel slightly better..

Seriously, one day I will find a way to record of audio of what it sounds like in my office all day looooooong. It is enough to make me scream! Especially at one specific co-worker who I truly believe talks just to hear her own voice, and she is so snotty that she has the gall to talk about other people being LOUD! Oh. Dear. Lord. SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP!!!

This will be why I end up in either the funny farm or lock up..

Friday, July 23, 2010

not happy right now...

Here is another of my pet not send me a random distressed/upset email that I wont receive until AFTER you log out and then run away with your phone turned off so I can't reach you..I think my blood pressure is roughly double what it should be right now...seriously. my fingers tingle. Not pleased... Kinda want to scream.

Baffled by our new "upgrades"

I don't think the IE7 likes the blogger site..This is my second attempt to post today..
Anywho, it is finally friday and I couldn't be happier. (except I work until 7:30 again, I could be happier if I were off at 5:00, so I guess I am a big liar)
This weekend is actually not packed with uber-expensive crap so I may just get to relax and not abuse my poor checking account for once..I am trying out this whole responsible thing since I am now 30. I am kinda hoping I can talk my hubby into setting up the pool again but I may need to settle for going to someone else's pool ::sigh:: what a horrible terrible very bad world, eh?
I am still gearing up for my train trip to Chicago in a week..I love traveling! I love flying and trains especially..I don't really like road trips if they will last over 4 hours and I have never ever riden on a bus (I don't plan to either) but train and plane travel is aces with me!! I just have to keep thinking of all the cool stuff that is coming up so that I can keep motivated..Chicago! Jamaica!! Ahhhhhh! Everything seems right with the world again..

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

out of my pet peeves, this is the winner

If we are having a conversation about anything, do me a solid and LISTEN. Please don't attempt to anticipate my next question and answer what you think I may have been asking, LISTEN TO THE QUESTION. If you do not have the ability to do this then we should not converse. ever. It just starts to feel like I am having a totally different conversation than you are, and then it begins to feel like a game of "how many ways can I phrase this question before I get an actual answer to it"
That game makes me want to take a cue ball and slam it into your face, just so you know.

To Summarize: Please be an active member of our conversation. Said another way: Please listen actively and not passively. One more time for the kids: If you do not listen to me when I speak, you will bleed. You will also probably be confused by what happened to you face because you were having an imaginary conversation with yourself the entire time.

That is all.

I think someone is getting hacked up in the bathroom right now

I hear the wierdest things when I am here alone...Either the cleaning crew is taking the toilets apart to clean them or something is going down in there..

Also I think poof-daddy is no longer speaking to me tonight. :( I will have to let him wear my sparkly heels to make it up to him. (it's not the first time he has worn them...He wore them back to our hotel for me when my feet hurt and he had lost both contacts and I insisted on waving like a beauty queen to all the passing cars when we were in St. Louis) (awww memories.)

UPDATED>He still loves me...poof-daddy LOVES ME!

Seriously though..I think I need more starbucks..

Prepare for a looooong blog..because I AM BORED

Okay gang...
To say I am bored is an understatement. I am stuck at my office until 7:30 PM Central tonight manning the phones and being my usually chipper, ultra-helpful self. Quit Laughing.


I can HEAR you..

Anyway..I don't have a specific reason for venting or blogging, I can't even vent about annoying people today because I can't talk about my work..seriously, we have a POLICY regarding BLOGGING..stupid media policies.

I am wearing my new super hot stilettos from (if you guys don't know what this site is..GO THERE) and I seriously think my gay bestie stretched them out when he "tried them on" uh huh. You are not borrowing these heels, poof-daddy. (dude..that is totally his new nickname..who wants to take bets on if he gets mad the first time I say it? anyone?)

New random... Why did anyone ever think to call a gay poof? I call my shower loufah a does that translate? How do you spell loufah? (this is what it sounds like in my head all day long)

HAHAHAHA!! I just made poof-daddy nervous because I told him I am blogging about him..he is sooooooo anal. wait.. HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA! I am just being infantile..


okay, I am over it. basically. (let's be honest..I am going to laugh about that until I go to bed tonight)

My best friend FINALLY got on Twitter. That makes me happy because (as Prince said) Facebook is sooooo dead. (or was that myspace) (or the internet) (or tetris) (never mind, nobody listens to him if he isn't singing or playing guitar anyway)

(I think it was tetris)

I head to Chicago next weekend to see BON JOVI at Soldier Field. You will learn quite quickly that I love Bon Jovi. Love them, as in I will lick each and every one of them before I die, especially Jon.. I may go to jail afterwards but my sister promised to bail me out of jail if I was arrested for molesting Jon Bon Jovi, and I will hold her to it. Poof-daddy is going with me to the show and I can't wait to tear up the Maggie Mile shopping and drinking with him. While wearing my new stilettos that are SLIGHTLY TOO LARGE NOW. Guess who has to carry them when I get sick of wearing them..PooF-DaddY is correct! back later..this day isn't getting any more exciting..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

going to be very bored today

My hubby is going to Mayhem in St. Louis today..
Good for him, right? I sure don't want to go, I can't take that music for even a 10 minute car trip to the store..However, I worry whenever I know he is driving a long distance and is apt to be distracted especially in rough weather conditions. (please note: midwest summers are always apt to turn violent, even the 100% chance of thunderstorms and heat advisory in St. Louis today is pretty well expected this time of year) So in other words, I am FREAKING OUT DUDE!

Seriously. Why can't work be super super busy today so that I can stop thinking about all the stupid ass accidents on 55 every day and the fact that I don't consider him the safest driver out there EVER..I know this is just my OCD but I am seriously inventing every dangerous scenario that could possibly happen and then my brain convinces me it is not only possible but likely. Stupid brain. Maybe we can follow the freak out up with a migraine? Wouldn't that be swell...

Anyway..Today is going to suck. I hate cooking for myself and going to bed by myself sucks also..I really really like the marriage thing. It is cozy and safe and comfortable..but having a day and night all to myself usually sounds exciting and relaxing all at the same time. Why is it screwing with me today? I blame the weather..Illinois summers screw with my emotions. It's Sunny, It's STORMING, Hello Tornado Sirens, Hey the sun is out again...all in HALF AN HOUR!?!?!? Welcome to Springfield.

I need to move.


For Shenanigans, since she started this whole Blog thing and I can't wait to see her again!


Sooo, I am literally doing this to fill time at work. I HATE being bored. I also love to write random crap that strikes me as funny or stuff that ticks me off. I also feel I should warn everyone that sometimes I like to get a little deep. You just won't know what is coming out whenever I feel like posting so Warning Warning, thanks for stopping by..