Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Okay peeps, I am seriously tired. As in, I felt drugged when I crawled into the shower this morning and I had to use eye drops three times before getting my contacts jammed in my bleary eyes.. I want sleep!
In unrelated news..(or possibly related news, I can't tell anymore) I took my Chihuahua for a run with me last night. I actually had a woman slow down to stare as I jogged past with a tiny little dog running next to me full bore..I think she either thought I was loco or that I should be arrested for animal cruelty. Cheech actually did really well, he had a full gallop going for about one full block before he decided that he really wasn't peeing on enough trees and he was tired of running like he stole something, so we had to slow it down so he could take a crap in front of the house with the "keep your pets moving" sign (haha, I really enjoyed NOT cleaning that up!) and then decided he wanted to turn around and go home, so home we went. He totally passed out on the floor when we got home and then pulled himself to his water bowl for a drink before stretching back out to cool his belly on the hardwood. I am thinking he actually enjoyed himself since he had a huge puppy grin on his face for almost a half an hour. I think that, with regular training, I can get him up to a full "round the block" run within a month..he is such a couch potato!

Anywho...I am going to go back to my "trying like hell to keep my eyes open so when the boss drops by my desk he dosen't make me crap myself" initiative for the day.

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