Wednesday, October 13, 2010

quickest list of random things about me ever..

Okay..Sorry about the short post but I was absolutely enthralled watching the earth give birth to miners in Chile.

Things about me..the random edition.
I am the only childless child in my family. (working on it, mom!)
I write this crap while flipping through my Ipod, it helps with the randomness.
My first job was at Hardee's and I managed to make fun of a presidential candidate during my short tenure there. Bob Dole, I know..the pen should have tipped me off.
I have a scar on my knee where I skinned it every day falling down at the same spot on my street for an entire summer.
I met my husband before I could speak. (HOOK EM YOUNG, LADIES)
No, it was not an arranged marriage, we just got lucky.
(hah! I said lucky)
Listening to TOOL makes me angry for no reason.
Sting makes me feel lovely..that is one gorgeous tantric gentleman.
This site needs automatic spell-check.
I taught my sister to appreciate my poop humor by desensitizing her to it. I randomly bring up poop at family dinners. I think she finds it endearing now.
Halloween is my favorite holiday. Dress up is fun.
I touched two famous men last night.
I look pregnant in that picture. (seriously, check my previous bump or fat? FAT!)
Doughnuts taste good.
running out of time...what to write, what to write?!?!?!?
Breaded tenderloin horseshoes are my favorite..from the Barrelhead. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
TOTS! (reference to BarrelHead)

Okay kids, gotta run. Time to shut it down!

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