Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fill in the blank here

I use my blog to vent and waste time a lot, that is pretty much why I have it. Feel free to not read it if it dosen't interest you, I won't mind.
I just thought maybe it is time that I offer to help others vent, so here you go!

Fill in the blanks.

When I hear someone jabering on and on about nonsense, it makes me want to  _______.

When I see injustice in our world, it makes me feel ________.

When I am spoken over it makes me _______.

Now some happy exercises..

When I hear a baby laugh, I think of ____________.

When I think about my closest relative, I remember the time we ___________.

When I am surrounded by people that think I am one of a kind awesome, I am ________.

How about you guys????

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