Tuesday, October 12, 2010

feeling good!

I had the chance this past weekend to hang out with a couple different groups of friends and I tore it up. I mean it, I was out Friday and Saturday night at a local favorite watering hole and both nights managed to get to drunk texting and drunk posting all night. The first night was a dinner and drinks night with friends, always a good time with this group of people, and then I walked into a work birthday upstairs that was HILARIOUS!! Seriously some of the funniest crap I have ever seen was going on upstairs at the Floyd's Thirst Parlor. I managed to walk into one of my bosses wearing bear goggles and a thong over his jeans for his 50th. I was dying. Then Saturday, same bar, same floor, two of my good friends (twins) were having their 30th birthday and I had a BLAST!! Talk about having a great weekend, I got to see two completely separate groups of friends and catch up with people I haven't seen in years. My liver is still sore though, so I think next weekend will not involve any drinking.
Oh! I also got to hang out with my family twice, once for my nephew's 14th birthday (WTF!?! How do they get so old so quick?) and then Sunday to move furniture for my Mom and then play volleyball. (sidenote: this is not a real game, we suck at volleyball and just smack a scooby doo ball over a volleyball net my mom put up in the backyard, this is not REAL volleyball.) During the volleyball game I learned two very important things about my family. 1) My sister has never heard the saying "baking air biscuits" before..and 2) my husband stinks at fake volleyball and I hope our kids don't get his (lack of) athletic prowess.
I laughed so hard this weekend that I don't have to go to the gym for a week. My abs still hurt.

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