Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prepare for a looooong blog..because I AM BORED

Okay gang...
To say I am bored is an understatement. I am stuck at my office until 7:30 PM Central tonight manning the phones and being my usually chipper, ultra-helpful self. Quit Laughing.


I can HEAR you..

Anyway..I don't have a specific reason for venting or blogging, I can't even vent about annoying people today because I can't talk about my work..seriously, we have a POLICY regarding BLOGGING..stupid media policies.

I am wearing my new super hot stilettos from (if you guys don't know what this site is..GO THERE) and I seriously think my gay bestie stretched them out when he "tried them on" uh huh. You are not borrowing these heels, poof-daddy. (dude..that is totally his new nickname..who wants to take bets on if he gets mad the first time I say it? anyone?)

New random... Why did anyone ever think to call a gay poof? I call my shower loufah a does that translate? How do you spell loufah? (this is what it sounds like in my head all day long)

HAHAHAHA!! I just made poof-daddy nervous because I told him I am blogging about him..he is sooooooo anal. wait.. HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA! I am just being infantile..


okay, I am over it. basically. (let's be honest..I am going to laugh about that until I go to bed tonight)

My best friend FINALLY got on Twitter. That makes me happy because (as Prince said) Facebook is sooooo dead. (or was that myspace) (or the internet) (or tetris) (never mind, nobody listens to him if he isn't singing or playing guitar anyway)

(I think it was tetris)

I head to Chicago next weekend to see BON JOVI at Soldier Field. You will learn quite quickly that I love Bon Jovi. Love them, as in I will lick each and every one of them before I die, especially Jon.. I may go to jail afterwards but my sister promised to bail me out of jail if I was arrested for molesting Jon Bon Jovi, and I will hold her to it. Poof-daddy is going with me to the show and I can't wait to tear up the Maggie Mile shopping and drinking with him. While wearing my new stilettos that are SLIGHTLY TOO LARGE NOW. Guess who has to carry them when I get sick of wearing them..PooF-DaddY is correct! back later..this day isn't getting any more exciting..

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