Tuesday, July 20, 2010

going to be very bored today

My hubby is going to Mayhem in St. Louis today..
Good for him, right? I sure don't want to go, I can't take that music for even a 10 minute car trip to the store..However, I worry whenever I know he is driving a long distance and is apt to be distracted especially in rough weather conditions. (please note: midwest summers are always apt to turn violent, even the 100% chance of thunderstorms and heat advisory in St. Louis today is pretty well expected this time of year) So in other words, I am FREAKING OUT DUDE!

Seriously. Why can't work be super super busy today so that I can stop thinking about all the stupid ass accidents on 55 every day and the fact that I don't consider him the safest driver out there EVER..I know this is just my OCD but I am seriously inventing every dangerous scenario that could possibly happen and then my brain convinces me it is not only possible but likely. Stupid brain. Maybe we can follow the freak out up with a migraine? Wouldn't that be swell...

Anyway..Today is going to suck. I hate cooking for myself and going to bed by myself sucks also..I really really like the marriage thing. It is cozy and safe and comfortable..but having a day and night all to myself usually sounds exciting and relaxing all at the same time. Why is it screwing with me today? I blame the weather..Illinois summers screw with my emotions. It's Sunny, It's STORMING, Hello Tornado Sirens, Hey the sun is out again...all in HALF AN HOUR!?!?!? Welcome to Springfield.

I need to move.


  1. Have I told you about my problem with the Dead In A Ditch thing I do? If I know that someone is going to be traveling or away for awhile and I DON'T hear from them for a period of time I automatically assume they are dead in a ditch.

  2. same here, but I have a good reason for it! Stupid men drivers...