Friday, July 23, 2010

Baffled by our new "upgrades"

I don't think the IE7 likes the blogger site..This is my second attempt to post today..
Anywho, it is finally friday and I couldn't be happier. (except I work until 7:30 again, I could be happier if I were off at 5:00, so I guess I am a big liar)
This weekend is actually not packed with uber-expensive crap so I may just get to relax and not abuse my poor checking account for once..I am trying out this whole responsible thing since I am now 30. I am kinda hoping I can talk my hubby into setting up the pool again but I may need to settle for going to someone else's pool ::sigh:: what a horrible terrible very bad world, eh?
I am still gearing up for my train trip to Chicago in a week..I love traveling! I love flying and trains especially..I don't really like road trips if they will last over 4 hours and I have never ever riden on a bus (I don't plan to either) but train and plane travel is aces with me!! I just have to keep thinking of all the cool stuff that is coming up so that I can keep motivated..Chicago! Jamaica!! Ahhhhhh! Everything seems right with the world again..

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  1. How funny...We were blogging at exactly the same time.