Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tell me if you heard this one..

So today I reached an awesomely bad "I'm going to make a great mom" low. I accidently flashed my bum to a high school student. Yep, that is right kids. I mooned a minor. Who has two thumbs and will be mother of the year??? This Gal! Let me explain. First of all it is 61 degrees here in the patch today so I woke up excited to wear my cute new maternity dress (and I look adorable). However, at 7:40 in the morning it was only 37 degrees and there was a layer of hard frost on the SUV, which meant I had to scrap it. I am short. I have to stretch like crazy to try to get the windshiled scrapped around my belly and the big old hood on the Subaru Forester so it must have looked quite awkward. I suddenly felt quite the breeze on the backside so I glanced around quickly to see if my neighbor was home and instead caught the eye of an incredibly red faced student on his walk to school. Oh Dear Lord. I cracked up and that poor kid went a running up the street. Next time I think I will wear a coat to protect the poor innocent youth at my friendly neighborhood catholic high school....Bless me father...I know not what my bum does.

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