Thursday, March 17, 2011

Crazy pregnancy dreams..

Last night I was transported to pre-Cold War Russia where I was being hidden out by the Catholic church with my baby, who was a demon. Yep, my baby in the dream was a boy (a really odd chubby boy) who lit things on fire and always had a lighter gripped in his fat little hands and would randomly throw up green noxious fluids and scream nonsense. Add to this that the Catholic Church had some sort of clinic for free healthcare where a scary looking old man would heal you with worms and salves. I was put into the care of an American Soldier who was to ferry us back to safety but he would only do so if I could arrange a radiation shower for him because he had been exposed to something during "The Uprising" and that was the only treatment.
I have no clue what the hell this means or why my brain made it up..also I woke up before I was able to get out of Russia...
I am baffled.

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