Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick lesson...Pregnancy = Fear

No, seriously...
I am suppressing a constant fear that I am somehow doing something completely wrong, therefore breaking the baby. Perhaps I am not eating spinach or fruit often enough..perhaps I am eating the WRONG fruit..Maybe I forgot to wash the lettuce and now have enough pesticides in my system to give my baby a sixth toe. It goes on and on..
Then there is the money issue...
Before you begin to work on the whole knocked up thing, you go over your finances. a lot. Once you figure everything out and realize that you totally have this ish under control you start going to town like rabbits, right? Right. Then the magical day comes when you pee on a stick and get two lines (Halleluia!! My ovaries work and my husband has good swimmers!!) Right after that wonderful, incredible, blissed out moment you realize something...YOU WILL NEVER MAKE ENOUGH MONEY TO SUPPORT THIS AWESOME NEW LIFE!!! WHAT IF THE BABY ACTUALLY WANTS TO GO TO HARVARD??? WHAT IF THEY DECIDE TO BACKPACK IN EUROPE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL??????? WHAT IF THEY LIKE TO EAT AT RESTAURANTS???????HOLY SHITBALLS, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??????????????????????
I've been alternating those thoughts in my brain on a constant basis, like a mental jukebox with ADHD.  Don't even mention the word breastfeeding..


  1. It's only just begun....don't freak out over the things you can't control. The baby will be fine. He/she will have awesome, cool, funny, and loving parents, what could go wrong ;) ENJOY your first pregnancy, because the others are totally different. This is the one time it gets to be all about you. Staci B xoxo

  2. If the kid wants to go to Harvard, then they have to get a job to help out, nothing is owed to them aside from the basics. If they want to backpack Europe then they sure as hell can earn the money to do it. Don't give them everything they ask for, make them earn it. As long as you aren't smoking and drinking, don't sweat the rest. Take your vitamins and eat sensibly.

  3. Totally get ya on the fear thing. Everything is going to be fine, though. You're doing wonderfully so far, dear. Eat right, exercise, do things that make you feel good and you (and Bean) will be quite alright.

  4. Thanks guys!! I know all of this advice make sense but my brain currently refuses to make sense or be resonable :)