Friday, November 18, 2011

you know you are a mother when....

Here is a new list I have been making in my head for a few weeks now. I feel like sharing it with you all. :)

You know you are officially a mom when:

-You look forward to beating your family home so you can have a few moments alone to have a nice hot QUIET shower alone.
-When someone asks you what is on your shirt and your brain starts to chant "Dearlordnotpoopnotpoopnotpoopnotpoopnotpoop"
-You have held and fed a baby with one arm while cleaning spit up off of your couch.
-You have had a conversation with your spouse that involves only sylablles and hand motions because an infant is sleeping on your chest.
-You have had a hilarious conversation with a baby that involved absolutely no words at all and you both totally understood.
-You have attempted to lick what you thought was coffee off of your hand (you know, the sticky coffee residue that can get on the side of your hand from your coffee cup?) and found out it wasn't coffee at all (it wasn't coffee, guys. IT WASN'T COFFEE!)
-You have seriously considered drinking hand sanitizer to get the funk off of your tongue.

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